Research Assistant at Brookings India
The Research Assistant undertakes research and policy analysis on topics of development economics, with a focus on health, for a Senior Fellow/Fellow.

Data Analyst at Brookings India
Data Analyst is expected to play a leading role in data management in the Health, Energy & Sustainability and Foreign Policy verticals.

Program Associate, Foreign Policy at Brookings India
Applications invited for Program Associate is expected to work with the Foreign Policy fellows at Brookings India to help manage programmes, administration, development, and communications.

Research Associate, Energy and Sustainability at Brookings India
Applications invited for a Research Associate who can play a leading role in planning and executing research related to distribution of electricity including studies on Distribution Companies (DISCOMs).

Scholar Recruitment at Brookings India: Fellow, Development Economics
Applications invited for a Fellow to undertake independent research, with particular interest in applied economics and public policy research and a strong focus on India.

Brookings India Internship Programme
The Brookings India Internship programme provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds to engage with our researchers, get first hand insights into the process of policy-making, and a chance to learn new skills.

Internship: Communications
The communications intern will assist with the production, design, and dissemination of research projects, events, and administrative and outreach activities.