• ‘Withdrawal of sanctions on Iran a huge opportunity for India to revive the Iranian oil industry’

    Vikram S Mehta on falling crude oil prices and how India should enter the Iranian oil market and help revive the Iranian oil industry
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  • Brookings India Newsletter | February 2016

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  • Report | Smart Cities roundtable defines critical areas of interest

    Brookings India organised a roundtable discussion on Smart Cities on 1 February 2016 at Claridges Hotel, New Delhi. The objective of the discussion was to bring together various stakeholders related to the smart city development of Ajmer, Allahabad and Visakhapatnam.
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  • Letting girls learn: Empowering communities to overcome barriers to girls’ education

    The launch of a new effort on the Let Girls Learn initiative at the White House today will put grassroots solutions front-and-center in the struggle to overcome the challenges to girls’ education around the world
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  • Book | Blowing Hard or Shining Bright

    A nuanced look at making renewables in India sustainable, spanning economies, environment, grid integration, regulation, role of states, consumers, employment and innovation. Authors bring experience from government, industry, NGOs and academia.

  • Note | Rating of Distribution Utilities in India

    This discussion note offers a review of the current ratings of power distribution companies. It links operations with financial performance, looks at granularity of data, as well as suggests a range of additional and proxy metrics for greater insights.

  • Paper | Priorities for India’s National health policy

    Shamika Ravi and Rahul Ahluwalia argue that India's health policy needs to focus more on delivering those aspects of healthcare which are public or quasi-public goods, and on regulating and thus facilitating market provision of those aspects that provide private benefits.

  • Accelerating Access to Quality Education

    Each essay provides some key insights and concrete recommendations for the draft education policy. Authors address critical issues and bring into the discussion approaches and solutions to get the education debate off to a solid start.

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Podcast | How will Pyongyang’s neighbors and the U.S. respond?

by Brookings Institution | Read More

North Korea’s recent nuclear test and possible upcoming satellite launch underscore the increasing dangers posed by North Korea’s weapons development program and its implications for international security and the integrity of the non-proliferation regime.

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The legal problems of refugees

by Brookings Institution | Read More

Understanding the legal problems of refugees is important. If left unaddressed, they may exacerbate tensions between refugees and their host communities.

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China’s efforts to expand the international use of the renminbi

by Brookings Institution | Read More

A report by Eswar Prasad outlines some of the steps taken in recent years by the Chinese government to promote the international use of its currency, the renminbi (RMB)

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