• US election tamasha is testimony to its soft power: Dhruva Jaishankar

    Dhruva Jaishankar explains why India is watching the US elections so closely, and what the selection of the next US President could mean for us
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  • US-India partnership: Full speed ahead?

    The partnership with US will help India build capacity to deter China and become a net security provider
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  • How India Sees the World

    The organizational structure of India’s foreign ministry is a clear indication of its priorities
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  • WATCH: Why developing countries must focus on getting millions to learn

    Too often students are still not mastering core academic content and higher-order thinking skills. This rapid scaling of schooling over the past 150 years has not translated into the scaling of learning
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Asian-American success and the pitfalls of generalization

by Richard Reeves | Read More

Richard Reeves, Nathan Joo and Edward Rodrigue analyze the educational success of Asian-Americans and argue that categorizing them as a "model minority" is inappropriate and ignores the heterogeneity between different Asian-American groups

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Past is prologue? Saudi Arabia’s clumsy oil diplomacy

by Suzanne Maloney | Read More

The usually well-scripted Saudi energy diplomacy took a curiously chaotic turn

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The U.S. can’t afford to end its global leadership role

by Robert Kagan | Read More

The widely touted “rise of the rest”—the idea that the United States was being overtaken by the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China—has proved to be a myth

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